The great Australian Chocolate Challenge

As a team of Aussies we felt it was important to exchange cultures with our Philipino Team mates. On a short term mission trip when food is put in front of you, you are expected to eat it, no matter what. the last thing we wanted to do was offend our fellow team mates by insulting their cooking of small fish soup, rice, Sour Vegetables, Rice, Bitter vegetables & did i mention more rice! So in return we thought it would be important to introduce them to Australias favourite Chocolate. Vegemite. before letting them try our world famous Chocolate We taught them how to sing "were happy little vegemites, bright as bright can be, we all enjoy our vegemite for breakfast lunch and tea, our mothers say were growing stronger every single week because we love our vegemite, we all adore our vegemite, it puts a rose in every cheek! you can see their response in the photos.... Scott