An Aguilar Afternoon - Trevor Phillips

With Wilfredo at local 'Baranguy' house
Jenny & I (Trevor) are getting used to life in Aguilar, our target town. As I write this the team is enjoying afternoon siesta to escape from the heat of the afternoon sun, a couple of dogs are wandering around our yard, and a gentle breeze is blowing through our rest area.  It is also election time here so every so often a bus, van or tricycle goes past on the main road blaring campaign music or slogans for their favourite candidate, Filipino style!  Yesterday we walked the busy main road into town to seek contacts for bible studies.  We are teamed up in pairs; I am with Pastor Russell who is staying on as the pioneer pastor for the new church. It was a special time to be asked to pray for healing for one of our good contacts Wilfredo, who was experiencing extreme pain and swelling in his hand and up his arm.  Wilfredo has invited us to come back to his house on Saturday to meet and conduct bible studies with his wider family; amongst his children he has two sons who are seafarers and he expects one to be at home on vacation by then.  Please be in prayer for the many religious people here to meet and experience Jesus truly in their hearts.  Thank you!  
House the team is staying in (behind tree, to left)