Aussies & Indonesians ... in the Philippines

Five people from Indonesia and seven from Brisbane met for the first time on April 11. Pastor Rey Calusay was our teacher, and we learned the basics of SOS church planting. We talked about the structure of the SOS teams that we would be joining, and the principles of spiritual warfare. We ate Filipino food in the food court at the mall and we started to adapt and acclimatise.

  On April 12 we rode the bus for 7 hours to La Union province to one of the training venues in the town of Ago-o. Zenadia Calusay is training 100 people of all ages. On April 13 they will go out to 5 different target towns where churches will be planted. We will be going with them - another bus ride!
We will be assigned to one of the towns in the province of Pangasinan. Everyone is waiting to know their assignment. Watch this space...